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Him. - w4m
This isn't a missed connection, as much as it's a missed connection. You aren't a stranger that walked by or had a fleeting happen-chance with (though we were that once). You're a missed connection due to the fact that I miss you. I miss the warm that resulted from being wrapped in your arms. I miss laying in your bed and listening to the wind chimes outside your window as the sun rises or falls, sometimes we spent the whole day in your bed. I felt like we spent a whole year in your bed, and never once did I regret wandering there. From the first day we hung out, we were lovers, though we didn't have sex, and that wasn't our intention. If I have one regret in life, it's that I never left him for you, I never gave you the attention and love you deserved, I never allowed you to have me when you were the only one that deserved to have my complete and utter adoration. I never had someone tell me so bluntly how fucked up I was, and yet you never pushed away. Instead you held me close, even when I resisted. You explained lovingly and rationally how my logic was upside down and inside out, and my mind resisted, resisted. But your persistence persevered, and I want you to know that today I am a much better person for your loving vigilance. I want to tell you how much you have done for me, and how much I still love you, but I know you do not want to hear it. I don't even have a picture of you, or a picture with you. All I have is a picture I took of myself, laying in your bed, waiting for you to get home from class, wearing your useless nerd glasses. I don't know where we went wrong, but I'm sorry for all the wrong I've done to you, and I'm sorry most of all for trying to keep you close, while simultaneously pushing you away. I've moved on in life, as have you, but I still think of you fleetingly throughout the passing days, and it's always with an aching yearning. I often used to say or do things to get a reaction from you, I believed that your reaction was a sign that you cared. I now see the folly of my ways, and how it damaged our already fragile situation. I pushed you to the brink, and you walked away. You were all that was good in my life at that point in my life, and when you left I was a broken person. I have never before or since been so broken. After that, I couldn't stand to stay in Port Angeles. Leaving was easier than staying somewhere that I had suffered because I had forsaken the work of love. You found me damaged and mangled, stood me up, and taught me to stumble, and since then I have learned to walk, and am still learning to live a good and balanced life. I miss you everyday. I know you'll never read this. Please think about me. I miss you. x. Memory Lane at Cedar Street (google map) (yahoo map)
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serious inquires only....
i know the possibilities of finding someone who can really help me is very low. I've decided to give it a try anyways. I'm aa female. attractive basically looking for someone who can offer me or get a job. and also establish something sexual in the process. I'm a please. so if you feel you can help me get back to me asap

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What's a girl gotta do
I've nearly given up on dating sites and the whole dating scene altogether. Please someone show me there's more out there then filthy pigs looking for sex? I'm willing to keep my mind open within reason. If you respond please attach a pic. There are too many responses I don't have time to respond to them all so a pic would help get you noticed. I look forward to chatting with you.
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re pb to j...
I already knew what happened. You just are so bad off you don't get it. You really morphed into a fucken creep. Explain what happened? Are you serious? Now? You did enough interfering. You also did enough damage to my life already. Must have been so fun for you/ You get a real kick out of messing with people. You are a psycho, I don't even like you, "explain what happened" LMFAO! oh, easy street? Keep treating women the way you treated me. You will go to prison. That is your easy street. Good luck to ya...you clearly will need it.

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Don't want to know you. - m4w
really care to know your name or what your story is. All I really want to know is that your down to fuck, suck or anything just plain sexually fun. I'm ready to play naughty or nice. I'm real the roads are still pretty slick and there was no wind today. Hit me up with your desires and lets make them happen.
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Im an Old fashioned type of Girl
Hi! Thanks for taking the time to veiw my ad, so as the title says im an old fashion type of girl when it comes to the dating world. I would like to be taken places to have fun and get to know each other. Someone who would take silly pictures with me and make memories, someone who will start a conversations (mostly because im shy and im not really good at starting convos). Well I dont want to give to much away so if your interested dont hesistate to message me! a pic of you gets one of me :) also put a youtube link of your favorite love song in the subject line so i can sort out the spam